Paragon Resort and Casino Review

Paragon Resort and Casino are a fairly new casino to Orlando. While it isn’t the largest or the most popular one in the area, it is a large enough and popular enough that we’ll be taking a look at the merits of the place. With a population of just under six hundred thousand people, Paragon has a lot going for it. However, the many good things that it has to offer can’t really be put into words, so we’ll give you the first hands on review on this exciting new casino.

The most notable thing about Paragon is its size. It’s a mega-casino that stretch out across four acres, and it is easily as long as the other establishments on that same block combined. This is a pretty important factor, as it means that you can get a lot more entertainment than if you just played par for twenty dollars a hand. This is also a very modern location, with some modern amenities available. You can pay with a credit card to play, but other methods of payment are also available, like with cash.

The concept of Paragon is quite simple, but still rather appealing. First, you walk through a door that seems like it should be connecting the lobby to the poker room, and then you enter a vast room filled with plenty of tables and seats, and large televisions. These are the only two things in the room, though, and they both mean that you’re going to have to get to the table to play. As you would expect, these TVs come with the tables, but there’s a button on the side that lets you drop down into the room and “poker face” (aka stack up) with people that are watching the game. This is very good news, because it means that you can “time your strike,” so to speak, so that you can cash in at the right time.

A second notable feature about Paragon is the amenities. It is technically a full casino, but it isn’t actually a casino. It is, however, an entertainment center, and it has everything you need to get in and out of the place. While they don’t keep the casino employees supplied with food and drinks, they do offer non-alcoholic beverages and snacks for those who wish to purchase them, and you can even bring your own drinks, if you’d like.

It might seem like the location of Paragon makes it a bad bet for people who like to get out, but that’s not necessarily the case. The location does allow it to be used as a summer entertainment venue, but you shouldn’t think that you’ll be able to spend all of your evenings playing poker in the midst of summer heat. While they do have some covered balconies that will allow you to enjoy the sunset and the warmth of the setting sun, you can’t expect to go swimming in the water. All in all, you can expect a nice evening out if you want to be out during the day, but if you want to stay inside and play poker all night, you may want to look elsewhere.

There’s plenty of room at Paragon for larger groups, too. In fact, there’s even a full bar downstairs that can double as a bar for those who want to party. It’s pretty neat.

Paragon also has its fair share of perks. Those who want to play in the VIP section of the casino will be happy to know that they can use the chips from a game as a wager. In addition, there are a few games at Paragon that allow you to choose “your own luck” when dealing cards and the prices are really fair. They won’t break the bank, but they are also really reasonable.

Paragon Resort and Casino are really a great casino that has a lot to offer. It is one of the more expensive establishments in the entire county, and it takes a little time to get used to if you’ve been at the other casinos in the area. However, the game play is really good, and if you like going to casinos, this one is definitely for you.