Paragon Casino Resort’s Signature Buffet

Paragon Casino Resort is one of the premier resorts of Nevada with five world class casinos and a full service spa, and it’s also home to one of the best buffets in the state. The buffet features some of the best local cuisine that Nevada has to offer. Whether you’re a business traveler or just visiting for the day, the Paragon Casino Buffet offers what you need.

The Paragon Casino Buffet is located right in the heart of the Paragon Casino Resort. There is plenty of parking available nearby, and the buffet is conveniently located for those who want to grab a bite to eat before they hit the casino floor. Just outside the casino are two of the best restaurants in the area: Railyard Cuts and Park Tavern, both of which have outdoor patios and wonderful views of the Vegas Strip. And yes, there is an elevator to help make the Paragon Casino Buffet more accessible for guests, even if they can’t make it out to enjoy the dining.

Located at the southeast corner of the resort is the Paragon Casino Buffet. The restaurant features elegant, yet casual dining, and it’s right next door to the Casino’s Restaurant. The Casino’s Restaurant serves great appetizers and meals from a private chef. They also offer a full bar and can be found right off the Casinos Restaurant, directly across the street from the Paragon Casino Buffet.

For those who are looking for a quick bite to eat, the buffet can offer a light appetizer or snack and then grab a drink to finish up a leisurely meal. One of the main attractions of the buffet is the hand-selected, locally grown and prepared ingredients that you’ll find. These fresh-from-the-farm items are prepared with care and tastiness, and you can expect to find things like char-grilled organic meats, charred tilapia, and chicken salad with vegetables in a tablecloth.

The Paragon Casino Buffet offers three types of Caesar salad, grilled chicken with grilled vegetables, and a crispy sea bass Caesar salad. Each of these salads come with a choice of a Caesar dressing, vinaigrette, ranch, or lemon-garlic vinaigrette. The salad also offers artichoke hearts, grilled sweet peppers, grilled mushrooms, and grilled baby carrots for a healthy, yet flavorful salad. In addition to this, each salad comes with a toasted roll.

If you’re a cheese lover, the Paragon Casino Buffet has four varieties of cheese selections for you to choose from. If you’re a chili fan, there’s four types of chili to choose from as well. The two most popular types of chili are the Buffalo Chicken Chili and the Roasted Tomato and Black Bean Chili.

Some of the items served at the Paragon Casino Buffet include the roasted red pepper casserole, the green beans and potato casserole, the green bean casserole, and the chicken Marsala. If you’re a pasta lover, you can choose from the spaghettini al cepo, the cannelloni, or the tomato lasagna.

While the Paragon Casino Buffet has plenty of dining options, you can also take advantage of its fully stocked bar. This provides guests with plenty of choices for alcoholic drinks, from alcoholic punch to sparkling wines, and the casino bar can also be found near the Casino’s Restaurant, which is known for its classic dishes.

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