Paragon Casino Resort Reviews

The Paragon Casino Resort is located in Coral Gables, Florida. The location of the hotel is probably the number one reason why this casino is a great place to go and play blackjack or to watch a movie.

If you are a lover of the movies and enjoy going to the movies, it would be a great place to go because they have their own theater. You can take your popcorn and drinks and watch a movie at a time when the movie theater will be closed. On weekends the theater can be very busy so be sure to make a reservation well in advance. You do not want to miss a movie, right?

The Paragon Casino Resort also has a variety of restaurants that offer a great dining experience. The most popular menu item at the Coral Gables casino resort is the crab legs. They will give you a good deal on crab legs but you do have to be careful as these crabs are very heavy.

In addition to the restaurant located in the Paragon Casino Resort there is also an indoor water park located inside the resort. The water park is part of the all-inclusive package that you will be given when you book a room. In addition, the resort offers a lot of activities for kids. This includes little league baseball games and even paint ball.

The Paragon Casino Resort does offer some great lodging options. You can stay at any of the five-star hotel and spend a little extra to get a better rate. There are also a lot of other options for staying at the resort.

The Paragon Casino Resort has twenty-one gaming tables. Most of them are located in the casino. The pari-mutuel betting option allows you to wager on the blackjack game or the craps game. These are some of the most popular games played at the Paragon Casino Resort.

In addition to the Paragon Casino Resort there are also the Coral Gables Hotel and Casino itself. There are also the Ocean Drive Bed and Breakfast and the Grand Floridian Hotel.

If you are looking for a great casino and pari-mutuel offer then the Paragon Casino Resort is for you. It offers great amenities and offers some of the best slot machines to bet on. You can also take a break from the casino and eat some delicious food or shop around for some gifts.